25 February 2013

Full Moon!

"If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they'd live a lot differently."
- Bill Watterson

Wishing you all the joy & beauty of the nighttime sky...

Studio Sunday

I'm making progress on the Inspiration Deck a little bit at a time... This week I just went through all the cards and randomly glued some torn tissue paper on them. Next I will probably spatter a little metallic paint and put some gel medium over top as a sealer before I glue down my quotes and embellishments. Stay tuned!

10 February 2013

January Photo-A-Day Highlights

Here are some of my favorites from this month's One Story Down daily photo challenge!

My three words for 2013.






Look for more next month!

Studio Sunday: Inspiration Deck!

I found this project on another blog awhile ago and wasn't able to make the deadline. But the host, Jessica Brogan, has decided to run it again, so I'm going to give it a shot! Details here: http://www.insearchofdessert.com/?p=8428

If you want to participate, I recommend checking out Karen Isaacson's blog for some helpful tips:

I tried the "iron-the-playing-cards-onto-freezer-paper" thing and it just wasn't working for me... Maybe if you actually know how to use an iron normally, you would have a better chance! So I ended up using double-sided tape. If it comes off easily, great. If not, I'll be sticking labels on the back anyways.

After that, I used the roller to gesso all the cards. (What a time-saver!) I gave them each 2 coats to completely cover the playing card graphics.

After that I took a bunch of different colors, painted the cards, and added a little texture. I'm letting them dry for now, and then I'll be adding some embellishments and the quotes as time permits.

More to come soon!