31 March 2013

March Photo-A-Day Highlights

Here's some of my favorites from the March Photo-A-Day challenge...








Studio Sunday!

I spent some time puttering about in the studio today... mostly waiting for stuff to dry! I found out about a 6x6 canvas project... http://www.roco6x6.org/6x6x2013_intro.php Not sure if I'll be able to make the deadline or not, but we'll see how it goes.

I started out by making a star in glue on my canvas... I've done this in watercolor to act as a resist, and wanted to see if I could do a similar effect with acrylics.

It took forever to dry though, so I ended up speeding up the process with a hair dryer. In the meantime, I decided to do the same thing on a couple tiny canvases I had lying around, and a spread in my new Moleskine sketchbook.

The glue still wasn't all the way dry yet, but I decided to paint anyways. I quickly learned that the glue wasn't going to resist the acrylic anyways...

So I just started playing around with some texture... I'm going with a black, brown and white palette for this, trying for a dark chocolate/caramel effect in the end, with some metallics for emphasis.

After sponging on a little more black paint, I added some strips of torn foil paper with cut-out stars... There will eventually be more stars (of course!) and a quote cut up and placed around the edges of the center star, which I will have to paint on top of my background.

To be continued!

17 March 2013

Studio Sunday!

The Inspiration Deck is almost complete! All I have left to do is take the cards off the freezer paper and stick my name tags on the back.

I made a few extras for myself, and I separated those from the freezer paper already with great success! The double-sided tape did come off the cards easily, thankfully. All in all, I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

Here's a few close-ups...


And here's a finished set! Not sure what I'll be up to next... check back and find out!

10 March 2013

Studio Sunday!

Still working on the Inspiration Deck... http://www.insearchofdessert.com/?p=8428 I'm determined to get it done by next weekend, and so far I'm on schedule!

Today I spattered some metallic acrylic over all the cards, and then printed and cut out the quotes that I'll be gluing on next week.

More to come next week!

03 March 2013

February Photo-A-Day Highlights

Here are some of my favorites from this month's One Story Down daily photo challenge!







More to come next month!