09 August 2012

Love Note - App Recipe

I'm participating in a photo-a-day project for the month of August, created by a friend of a friend. Today's assignment was "leave a love note," but I decided to use one I already had laying around: the card I gave my husband for our anniversary on July 31st.

I took a photo of the top corner of the card in Instagram using the Amaro filter. Then I took it into Photo Toaster and gave it the Old School filter and White Brush frame.

I was just going to leave it at that, but I decided to play around some more... I put it into 100 Cameras and chose the filter "The Future of Us." (Love the name!) After that I put it into Picture Show and gave it some Painting Drop noise, a Vignetting of .5 and a Vintage Dust Frame. And voila!

05 August 2012

Studio Sunday - Binding!

Today I put the Sketchbook Project (SBP) book back together... armed with a paper piecer, some embroidery needles and some metallic thread!

This was definitely not as easy as I thought it would be! At one point I almost thought I ruined it, but then I found a work-around. I started out marking my holes on a sheet of watercolor paper cut to the same size as my pages, and pushing through them with the paper piercer.

Being that I had a cover, two watercolor inserts and all the blank pages, you'd think I'd remember to keep my punching template in the same direction for all of them. Apparently, I must have flipped it when I did the cover! Luckily, it ended up not being a big deal... I flipped it the correct way and you can't even see the extra holes.

Next, I took my needle and thread and worked it through the holes, going in and out so the spine outside and inside was fully covered by the thread.

I left a bit of fringe hanging out over the edge...

And then cut several lengths of the different colors of metallic thread to tie around the binding.

Now I have lots of metallic fringe hanging over the edge of the book. When I'm done filling all the pages, I'll add some sun, moon and stars beads to them.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do next week yet... Check back and find out!

01 August 2012

Full Moon - App Recipe

Not really a complicated one... I basically just wanted to try out my new app, Wood Camera! For a great demo, go to: http://theappwhisperer.com/2012/07/26/wood-camera-iphone-photography-tutorial-how-to-create-a-dynamic-image/

I started with a photo of the Full Moon against my house, and put it in Wood Camera, choosing the Geneva Lens, Galaxy Texture and Frame 8.

I could've left it at that, but it was just missing something, so I gave it a Cool Filter in Photo Toaster and a Black Brush Frame.

I think it makes that Galaxy texture pop a little more. Happy Full Moon!