14 February 2015

ATC 07 - Love

Art Journal - Inner Light

I worked on multiple pieces again this afternoon, but haven't finished the ATCs and mini-canvas yet. They may need some reworking; I was experimenting and wasn't quite happy with how they turned out. But I did get a nice art journal spread and art tile done today.

08 February 2015

Art Journal - Written in the Stars

I'm getting an early start on my Valentine projects! Another art journal spread, art tile, 2 ATCs and a mini-canvas.

07 February 2015

ATC 06 - Be Yourself

And here's the deck so far...

Art Journal - Shine Brightly

Another evening of working on multiple pieces at once. An art journal spread...

An art tile...

And 2 ATCs...

Still trying to recreate an image inside my head... not quite there yet, but getting closer!

01 February 2015

ATC 05 - Shine

Art Journal - You're A Star

Since I switched from a 365 project to a 52 project, I've been getting into the habit of having several pieces in motion at a time... it doesn't let any paint go to waste and it gives me several coordinating pieces! So this week, I ended up with an art journal spread, an art tile (4x4), 2 ATCs and a mini-canvas (3x3).

I'm also loving my new star stencil from StencilGirl, designed by Seth Apter (the Urban Insiders Star, available here: http://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/stencil-star-urban-insiders-seth-apter-p/m059.htm ). You can see it on the journal, tile and canvas.


Blessed Imbolc!

Now Winter is halfway done... looking forward to Spring!