28 September 2013

Art Journal: Shadows of my Mind

I made this art journal spread after a week of feeling particularly anxious. I have anxiety disorder, and sometimes I get very bad panic attacks. Other times I just have a general level of anxiety that won't go away. I never know when it will get to full-blown panic stage. This was my way of trying to give my mind and body something better to do!

15 September 2013

Art Journal: Shooting Star

I made this art journal spread after seeing what's known as as "fireball meteor." It looked like a miniature Sun with a ring of fire around it... It was one of the most amazing astronomical sights I've ever seen, but unfortunately it burned out before I could grab a camera and take a picture!

I had a "stencil" for a meteor that I used in the corner. It's actually from a set of glow-in-the-dark wall decorations I found in the dollar bin at Target!

At any rate, just another reminder of why I should never go outside without a camera!

07 September 2013

Art Journal: Fire Up Your Light!

I made this art journal spread for this month's celebration of Hekate's Deipnon. It occurs at the dark of the Moon each month (the astrological New Moon). It is a time to purify one's self and surroundings in preparation for a new month, which goes well of my astrological custom for setting goals or writing out New Moon wishes at this time. When the first sliver of the Crescent Moon is sighted, then it is officially a new month. Kala Noumenia!