27 November 2016

Space Flight

My favorite tea (Red Rose) comes with a little figurine or statue in each box. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to get the space shuttle!

I'm finding that for all my apps, my favorites seem to be PhotoToaster, Mextures, Remix & Jazz; I use them for just about everything! I've also been using PhotoFX's X-ray effect to get an inverted image of my public domain astro art diagrams, like the one used here. Enjoy!

19 November 2016


Apps Used: PhotoToaster, Mextures, Remix & Jazz. Inspired by the original photo below:

15 November 2016

Super Moon 2016

A few photos I took of the Super Moon, with 3 different cameras: a Canon EOS, my iPhone 7+, and a Nikon Coolpix. The Canon naturally has the best color and resolution, but I still need to work on figuring out how to get it to focus properly for the brightness of the Moon against the dark sky. Surprisingly I didn't have much camera shake with any of them, even though I went without a tripod.

And last but not least, a digital edit...