30 March 2015

Art Journal - Look Up at the Stars

A long weekend gave me some more studio time! Here's an art journal spread, an art tile, a mini canvas and 2 ATCs.


20 March 2015

Happy Spring!

The first day of Spring was snowy and cold... here's looking forward to warmer days ahead!

14 March 2015

Art Journal - Anything Can Happen

I was working on the backgrounds for some of the cards in the ATC 52 series, and made an art journal spread and some other pieces while I was at it!

Here are at a couple art tiles:

And a mini-canvas:

And a burlap canvas I got at Michael's... definitely a different texture to work on!

I think I did so much this week because I only did my one ATC last week. I'm also in the mood to experiment, and most of today's work was playing around with black backgrounds, testing out different color blends.

02 March 2015

Art Journal - My Star By Night

I keep coming back to this color combination... something about it always seems to work, whereas other colors aren't thrilling me lately. Maybe it's the difference of color blending between watercolor and acrylic that takes some getting used to. I just know that when I use these colors, I almost always love the result! Here's another art journal spread, with an art tile, mini-canvas and a couple of ATCs.