29 July 2013

New Inspiration Deck Swap!

There's a new Inspiration Deck Swap going on! Jessica Brogan created a new website for the swap at http://www.carddeckswap.com. This time the theme is favorite song lyrics.

So far I've chosen my lyrics and got my cards glued to their papers. I'm following Jessica's tutorial this time around; I'm hoping using a paper for the backs will keep them from getting sloppy when I paint them!

So this is day one... more to come in the days and weeks ahead!

28 July 2013

The Art Journaler - Postcards

This summer, the group at The Art Journaler is sending each other postcards! Go here for more info on the group: http://www.theartjournaler.com/tajcommunity

I found a great set of postcards with envelopes at Marshall's that were perfect for this. With the envelopes, I could use watercolor and not have to worry about the cards getting wet in the mail! I added some collage bits to them first (planetary hours charts, if you're curious)...

Then I gave them all a thick coat of pan watercolor. A few of my pans got used up, so I added some tube watercolors.

Next I stenciled on some dots with the drywall tape... I'm liking this a lot better than the bubble wrap I use to make dots in acrylic: a lot neater! You may have noticed the cardboard box - everything I've done lately has been able to fit into this shoebox! I've been working on a smaller scale lately.

After that, I stamped on some stars with a foam stamp I found in the kid's section of a craft store... I wish I could find some more: the little star is starting to fall off! I glued it back on and so far it seems to be holding up.

A little spattering of metallic pan watercolor, glued on silver foil stars and some quotes, and the card were ready to go!

I wish I had thought to make some extras for myself this time around! But I did scan them in before I mailed them off.

Wishing you all a wildly creative summer!