02 September 2012

August Highlights

I spent almost a month away from the blog, but I was keeping myself busy! I decided to participate in a Photo-A-Day challenge started by a friend of a friend on Instagram. I really enjoyed it, as it challenges you to do something everyday, something I really needed since I haven't had a Studio Day in awhile. If all goes well, that will change today, but things are kinda up in the air right now with certain remodeling projects I have going on.

Another thing I liked about the Photo-A-Day challenge was that it got me playing around with the hundreds of apps I've downloaded for my iPod/iPad and never played with before! I'm definitely developing a few favorites... almost everything I do goes through PhotoToaster at some point, and I really love the effects I can get from ScratchCam, ImageBlender, Iris, Wood Camera, Jazz and PictureShow, just to name a few.

Hopefully I will have another Studio Day to share very soon, but until then I'll keep the blog peppered with app recipes and photos. Here's a sampling from August...

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