23 January 2013

2013 Sketchbook Project Complete!

I mailed my book off the day before the deadline and just got an email that it has been received, so my Stargazer's Almanac sketchbook now lives at the Brooklyn Art Library! :)

Due to the watercolor washes and thinness of the sketchbook paper, my book expanded a bit, making scanning on my small scanner a bit problematic. Hopefully the digitizers at the Art Library have better luck with it. But here are some of my scans of the finished book...

The finished cover, with cut-out tissue paper window.
Sun Spread
Moon Spread
Mercury Spread
Venus Spread
Mars Spread
Orbits Centerfold on Watercolor Paper
Aries & Taurus Pages
Gemini & Cancer Pages
Leo & Virgo Pages
Libra & Scorpio Pages
Sagittarius & Capricorn Pages
Aquarius & Pisces Pages
All in all, it was a fun experience. I got to try out new techniques and media, and pushed myself to meet the deadline. Some things didn't turn out the way I envisioned them, but I'm still happy with the book overall. And it gave me some practice for something I'm going to be doing on a regular basis: art journaling.

Now that the Sketchbook Project is done, I'm taking some time to relax and plan out some ideas for my other projects. Stay tuned!

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