30 June 2013

Solstice - Art Journal & ATCs

It's finally Summer!

With a week's vacation, I decided to revisit my art journal and do a spread for the Summer Solstice. It turned out well for the most part, though I wasn't entirely happy with the outline of the Sun's rays when it was all dry... It's a little stronger than I would have liked.

But I did like the colors and texture I got out of it, so I decided to use a similar technique for a set of ATCs.

First, I stenciled some white acrylic paint onto my cards (Strathmore Illustration Board ATCs) with a sponge brush and some drywall tape. Then I added some random doodles with glitter and metallic Crayola crayons.

After that I added some watercolor crayon to the edges, and used pan watercolors to fill in the middle of the cards. The watercolor crayon gives a nice blend effect to the border of the cards.

Lastly, I added my collage elements and gave a spatter of metallic pan watercolors. (I'm really happy with these as they seem to create as good a spatter effect as my metallic acrylics!)

I like the ATCs much better than the art journal spread, though I may want to revisit them and do something to make them look a little more grunged or aged.

Hope you're having a creative summer!

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