02 January 2017

2017 Art Squares

Happy New Year!

Another year, another weekly project... this year I will be doing Art Squares! I wanted to do a square format to be more Instagram friendly, since I'm planning to spend more time there from now on. The project will be a mix of paint and pixels, as I move back and forth between digital and mixed media. I think I'm starting to lean more towards the digital, so this year will see me moving more in that direction.

I do have another deck of cards prepped, so it's possible I may create another Inspiration Deck at some point this year, whether for myself or for a swap. But I'm trying to be more realistic about how much time I actually have lately and where I want to focus it. I have a couple of courses I signed up for last year that I haven't really delved into yet!

Don't worry, I haven't lost my love for mixed media! But I'll probably be using it for more specific stand-alone projects, and not as much for the weekly one.

My main word for 2017 is Magic. I wrote a little about the meaning behind it in the December Reflections project, but basically I want to pay more attention to the everyday magic all around me and create some of my own. My other words for this year are Brave and Inspire, and I've weaved them all into the first Art Square of the year. Thanks for watching!

PS: If you want to follow me on Instagram, just send me a request. My account is set to private for reasons, but if I see that you're a fellow artist, I'll approve it.

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