29 April 2012

Studio Day!

Since I last left off, I've been going through the Artist's Way a second time. At Week 11 and a half now, one of the themes that's been coming up the most is getting rid of clutter and getting more organized so that I can create at a moment's notice. And happily it's starting to pay off!

I spent a good 5-6 hours in the studio today, working on backgrounds for my latest collage project. It's going to be a deck of cards with an astrological theme and the first one I'm working on is the Sun. I also picked up one of those tiny 4x4 canvases that are just too cute to resist, and I painted that to match the Sun background, done on a 5x7 canvas panel for easy scanning later.

In between these, I was also gessoing some pages in a small journal I'm going to be using as a art journal/scrapbook for my years at the Art Institute. I never realized just how long it takes to gesso an entire journal! It's only 10 sheets of paper, but I had to coat them pretty thick and the drying time feels like an eternity! So the book's only halfway gessoed, and I'll have to finish the other pages as I get time. All in all though, it was a very productive day!

Enjoy the photos!

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