29 July 2012

App Recipe: Enforcer

I have a long weekend this weekend, so my Studio day will be tomorrow, but I was out and about today and happened to see this bird sitting on the speed limit sign!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a closeup without risking scaring him off... In fact, he flew off just after I took this shot! I don't know if it's a hawk or a falcon or some sort, but I loved that he was perched on this sign and thought it would be great for an app recipe.

First, I put it in BeFunky Pro to crop, and applied the Old Photo 3 filter.

And then I put it in Jazz until it gave me a result I liked. The one I chose ended up using the Tones adjustment, Plastic & Glass, Dirt Grunge & Schmutz and the Burnt Edges border, and I added an Exposure adjustment of 38 to bring back the speed limit sign a little more.

I call him the "Enforcer," perched on top on the speed limit sign like that!

Studio day tomorrow!

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