22 July 2012

Studio Sunday - Starry Cover

It's one of those days where I didn't feel like doing much of anything, but I'm glad I made myself anyways. I have anxiety, and today I didn't want to do anything but curl up in my chair and not move all day! But after having a weekly studio day for so long now, I knew I'd feel even worse if I skipped it, so I compromised: I brought my painting box downstairs and did everything from the comfort of my living room chair!

First, I removed the staples from the sketchbook and separated the pages from the cover...

Then I took some removable, double-sided scrapbooking tape and covered up the Sketchbook Project barcode label so it wouldn't get painted over.

After that, I did my watercolor wash in dark blue to match the centerfold I did last week...

And then I added a spattering of the Iridescent Bronze, Silver and Pearl fluid acrylics, misting the cover with my Mini-Mister to diffuse the metallics.

After the front was dry, I flipped the cover over and did it all again.

I put a sheet of paper towel underneath, just in case there were any wet spots on the other side, and afterwards I ended up with this:

That may come in useful for something else someday! Here's a close-up of the front window:

Next week I'll be working on the other sides of the two watercolor paper inserts!

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