21 May 2012

Eclipse & App Recipes

I didn't get to see it personally, but thankfully NASA takes pics of these things!

Just recently, I found a new blog that I've fallen in love with. You can find it at www.clearerreflections.com. Dave is hosting what he calls The Recipe Book Project, where people share their "recipes" for manipulating photos with mobile apps. He also posts his own photos daily as part of a 365 Project.

For Eclipse, I took a photo of an old dictionary page with the listing for Eclipse on it, and a NASA image of last night's eclipse...

The dictionary page was taken with Instagram > Rise Filter. The NASA photo was imported as is.
Both pics were taken into Blender with a 75/25 blend.

From there, the recipe is as follows:

Magic Hour > Antique

Jazz > Sepia, Bloom, Light Leakage

Pic FX > Urban > Enhance

Photo Toaster > FX > Yellow Filter
                       > Frames > Funky

And this is the result...


  1. Very cool Khryseis! I love your choice of background to go with the NASA image!! Thanks for joining in The Recipe Book Project! I hope you'll become a regular!!

  2. Thank you! :) I have over 200 apps, so I'm sure I'll be cooking up some more recipes!