06 May 2012

Studio Sunday!

Today I started on the backgrounds for the Moon collages...

Gray can be a difficult color to work with... mixing just the right amount of black into the white to get just the right shade you want. I think my biggest challenge though was blending in the collage elements without totally drowning them out! Like last time, I did one plain, textured background, one with an assortment of collage elements and the other mini canvas I had laying around.

After I was done with the gray, I put on a thin layer of iridescent silver, and brought out some more of the whites in the previous layer. Hopefully they will scan better than they photograph, but I'm liking the very Moon-like feel of them.

When I scan the middle one in, I will play with the lights and darks to bring out some of the collage elements a bit more and make them more noticeable.

Since it was such a nice day out, I went outside and snapped a few pictures. Not sure what I want to do with this one, but I like it.

I hope to have a Studio Sunday every week, so keep checking back!

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