03 June 2012

Studio Sunday!

Back in the attic again! A cold front moved in, so it's still sunny, but with a nice cool breeze to keep things from getting too hot.

Today I worked on the backgrounds for Uranus & Neptune, as well as a few other analogous colors while I was at it. Those will be used for the other celestial bodies in the series, mostly a few choice asteroids named for other gods in the Greco-Roman pantheon.

The one on the right here will be for Uranus... an "electric blue" cyan. The one on the left might make a nice Pallas Athene or Urania (Muse of Astrology/Astronomy).

After the blues, I moved on to the greens... the first one might go to another of the Muses.

While this one is definitely reserved for Dionysus...

And this one will be for Neptune... a nice sea-foam type of green. (It's slightly lighter than pictured.)

All in all a very productive day! Next week I plan on doing the backgrounds for Pluto and Persephone, as well as a few other of the darker colored backgrounds for the series.

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